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Pocket Condos specialise in tiny home construction

and design stylish compact spaces that are both practical and comfortable,

to give you the flexibility and freedom to live life on your own terms.

A sustainable modular product, Pocket Condos are big on personality with a small footprint, both on land and on the environment.



​Pocket Condos are the future of affordable and sustainable, alternative housing solutions in Western Australia.

We are a registered construction company located in the beautiful Peel Region south of Perth.

We build custom designed tiny homes to meet the individual requirements of our clients. All our tiny homes are customisable and adaptable to remote regions, including cyclonic rated construction.

Pocket Condos has added Tiny Homes WA (THWA) to the team, and have added their name as our tag line.​

The man behind THWA is Geoff Strachan and he has come on board as our Sales Consultant, bringing with him his wealth of knowledge on tiny homes.


Pocket Condos' clients benefit from having a designer and project manager to work with them throughout the process, a registered builder to oversee the construction and an amazing team of highly skilled and qualified local tradespeople to ensure we deliver a tiny home to suit your needs and exceed your expectations.


Pocket Condos - Tiny homes in WA, are proud members of

the Australian Tiny House Association.


Pocket Condos is owned and operated by

Sue Daley & Joe Maiolo, a proactive, tenacious, change making couple, that saw a need in the housing industry for an

alternative solution to standard housing construction,

one which supports an accelerated construction cycle

to meet the demands of the housing crisis.

Sue Daley is a renovation expert, project manager

& designer with over 20 years’ experience and

Joe Maiolo is a registered builder

& steel frame specialist with over 30 years.

Together they run a successful construction company

in the Peel Region of WA, south of Perth.

Sue and Joe believe that tiny homes are the solution

to the housing crisis and that they have the

potential to change the lives of those

who have been affected.

Their passion has led to them becoming the WA State leads for

the Australian Tiny House Association, advocating for legislative change with the Federal, State and local government authorities and will continue to do so until

tiny homes are the norm and not the exception.



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Consult / Design

We work with you to understand your needs and find the best design for your Pocket Condo - whether it's a standard or custom design, we have the right solution for you

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Quotation / Contract

Once we know what's important to you in the design, we will produce a proposal and contract for your approval.

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Customise / Construct

Once the build process begins, we work with you to personalise your Pocket Condo with the right colours and finishes to showcase your style.

You will received regular progress reports.

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