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The Tiny Home Trend: How Living Small Can Make a Big Difference

There’s been an ongoing movement to live smaller and simpler in recent years, and the tiny home trend has been taking off in recent months as more people are turning to it as not just a choice, but an absolute must. But what are tiny homes? And how can they impact your life? This article will help you understand this growing trend, why it’s so popular, and how to get started on building your own tiny home today with Pocket Condos - Tiny Homes in WA.

The future of housing

Nearly every week, we hear about another trend in home design or how to make our homes more sustainable, but one of today’s hottest trends takes sustainability to a whole new level. The tiny house movement is encouraging people to scale down their lifestyles and reduce consumption (not to mention their utility bills). Let’s take an in-depth look at what makes these homes so special and figure out why they could be just what you need for your own piece of paradise.

Why tiny homes make sense

There’s no question that smaller spaces can be less expensive. The average Australian home is 186.3 m2 and growing, but we only use around 30 percent at any given time. We’re paying for rooms we don’t need and extras that aren’t even being used... So why not go tiny? How many appliances are plugged into rooms you barely use slowly consuming electricity?

It’s not all about the size. But it kind of is...

If you’re moving into a tiny home because you want more space, think again. It’s not that they lack space—they are actually much more efficient than their large counterparts in terms of how they use their space. Moving into one of these micro living spaces forces you to evaluate your belongings and figure out exactly what matters most to you.

In conclusion

The tiny home trend is taking off as people are discovering that living in less space can actually make them happier and more fulfilled. There are tons of benefits to small spaces, from saving money on rent, bills, and taxes to having more time for fun. Even if you don’t plan to live in a tiny home long-term, taking some pointers from tiny-home dwellers can help streamline your daily life.

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